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Q'ero Elder Don Mariano Quispe Flores 

NY/CT Events
New Dates: May 22 - June 1, 2024

Private Sessions, Rites & Workshops

Please note that all proceeds from these events are going directly to Don Mariano and his community after covering their necessary expenses. None of the hosts are taking any profits from these services or events provided by Don Mariano.

We are very excited and honored to announce that Q'ero Elder, Master Healer & Kuryek Akuryek, Don Mariano Quispe Flores will be coming to Brewster, NY May 22 to June 1, 2024. Don Mariano offers a  beautifully genuine, heart-centered and humble approach when working with others. 

While in NY, he will be offering personal healing sessions, a group Despacho* and workshops. Opportunities are being provided for those of all levels. 

*A Despacho is a sacred offering; an organic prayer mandala of flowers, seeds, leaves, sweets and other treats as a beautiful offering in honor of all the gifts we receive everyday from our Mother Earth/Pachamama. Through this offering, you will learn about the foundational teaching of Ayni and sacred reciprocity, and how it can support greater physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

* A 2 hour Introduction to the Healing Traditions of the Andes and the Way of the Pampamesayok will be offered that is open to BEGINNERS and those NEW to the Andean spiritual path

See below for the full list of offerings.


About Don Mariano

Don Mariano Quispe Flores was born and raised in Peru, in the high Andes, in the Q'ero village of Charcapata.


He has served his community as a Pampamisayoq (Andean Priest/Healer and Earth Keeper, Community Elder) since he was young. His community recognizes him as a Kuraq Akullaq, a title reserved for the most highly esteemed elders. He specializes in offerings to Mother Earth, healing sessions in the deep mystical traditions of his ancestors, coca readings, and pulse diagnosis. He has been studying and practicing as a healer for well over 60 years.



Don Mariano specializes in cleansing and balancing energy, working in a heart-centered way, in deep reverence and respect to Mother Earth/Pachamama, his ancestors and the Creator. He is expert at working with the feminine and masculine energies, as well as in the ceremony of Haywarikuy – ‘offerings to reach the earth’ – also known in Spanish as despachos. As a paqo he heals through despachos and coca leaves’ readings and he is renowned for his expertise to diagnose through reading the patient’s pulse, he also offers several initiations or traditional Andean karpays.



While often referred to as "Shamans," the Q'ero are technically "Mystical Healing Priests and Priestesses" known as Pacos. The Q'ero are an ancient tribe who originated in the Peruvian Andes just outside of Cusco, Peru. They have been known as the weavers to the Inca royalty, and became part of the powerful Incan empire.They work in full conscious connection with the world of living energies, especially Mother Earth, the sacred mountains/Apus, the Cosmos and the Divine. They do not go into trance state like traditional Shamans. Their work is very practical, hands-on, community and serviced based work, meant to reconnect us with the sacred and reciprocal relationship with Nature and the spirit world, like that of our own ancestors. And to help to heal ourselves and our communities from a place of Love/Wisdom/Service (Munay/Yachay/Llankay).



Don Mariano is a world renowned teacher, and a Maestro of ceremonies. Don Mariano is recognized for his energy; his Munay, humility and the child-like yet profound joy he shares freely with others.



Don Mariano will be accompanied by interpreter, healer and teacher Wilbert Salas Atasi  who is fluent in English, Spanish, Qechua and many other languages.


Don Mariano's Services
May 22 to June 1, 2024


Healing Sessions with
Don Mariano
May 22 - 31, 2024

Don Mariano works with the world of living energies, spirit guides and guardians, particularly of the Apus (sacred mountains), Nustas (sacred feminine nature beings), animal spirits, the Creator and Pachamama. He is an expert in Andean pulse reading, and cleansing the client of dense and dense energetic burdens and blockages, and bringing in blessings of calm, Munay/love, wisdom and peace. He can work support physical, mental/emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Sessions can include feather and Florida water cleansings, prayers and blessings with his Mesa/portable altar, bells, rattles and traditional songs, as well as hands-on healing.


Open to all levels of experience.


Sessions are approximately 1 hour, fee is $250.


Location in Brewster, NY. Address provided upon registration confirmation.

Various dates and times will be offered.

Nine Temples of the Heart 

2 Day Workshop

May 25-26, 2024

+Despacho Ceremony

May 24, 2024 4-6:30pm

This 2-day workshop is a special opportunity to spend extended time working in sacred space with Don Mariano connecting with the emotional healing and intelligence of the Nine Temples of the Heart. There will be teachings and explanations, a beautiful offering/Despacho, and energetic healing practices and transmissions. There will be time for questions and answers as well. This workshop will also include some foundational teachings of the spiritual path of the Q'ero, and the important aspects that we can all incorporate into our daily lives.


This workshop is open to those with all levels of experience including those new to the Q'ero and the Andean spiritual path.

We recommend you bring snacks/lunch with you as there are limited places to grab food in the area; please also bring a refillable water bottle. A fridge and microwave will be available on site as well. There should be plenty of parking on site, but if possible, car pooling is always a good idea.

Location: Private Residence,Brewster, NY  Address provided upon registration confirmation.


Fee for this workshop is $495.

Munay Karpay and the Teachings of the Mesa
1-Day Workshop for Mesa Carriers and Advanced Andean Practitioners only 
June 1, 2024

This workshop is open to Don Mariano's existing students and those who have worked with the Andean healing traditions and built a Mesa/portable altar (or are in the process of building a Mesa already). This class will include a Munay despacho, powerful karpay (part of the Hatun Karpay) to cleanse and empower your heart chakra and bring a deep sense of peace and spiritual connection. Don Mariano will also go over his personal teachings of the Mesa, meanings of each kuya, recommended placement, healing techniques, cleansing and blessing of the Mesa, and more.


Fee for this workshop is $250.


Location will be at a private residence in Brewster, NY

Don Mariano will have a variety of sacred items, mesa cloths, bags and other Q'ero items available for purchase.

Additional Offerings 

Community Despacho Sacred Ceremony, May 24, 2024  |  4:00-6:30 pm 

(Those attending The 9 Temples attend free)

Teachings of Anyi & Sacred Reciprocity, May 29, 2024  |   4:00 - 6:00 pm


A message from Deana Paqua & Lori Sheffer

We have had the honor of working with Don Mariano now for several years, both in person and on Zoom, along with several other Q'ero elder Pacos for the past several years. Don Mariano is a profoundly wise elder, with decades of wisdom and experienced as a renowned healer and teacher in his community and abroad. Don Mariano radiates this profound, contented joy and has deep, ancient ancestral wisdom to facilitate healing and spiritual awareness in a heart-centered, earth-honoring way that really is beyond description.


Their sacred connection is palpable, often taking decades to cultivate, and we have personally received deep personal healing and spiritual wisdom in their presence and with incorporating their teachings into our lives and spiritual practices. They are also very open-minded as a tribe, and several elders including Don Mariano have traveled the globe teaching their traditional ways which have miraculously survived colonization, Western exploitation, and systemic oppression within their own country. They welcome anyone who wants to learn from them with humility and respect, and especially a heart-felt desire to learn. Training with them does not make one a "Shaman,"  but it can help us become more truly ourselves and who we were meant to be, in alignment with our soul's purpose, living in sacred and joyful reciprocity with each other, Mother Earth/Pachamama and all that is.

It is a profound honor to welcome one of our long-time, beloved teachers here to our local area, and to share the joy of working with Don Mariano and Wilbert Salas Atasi with you.


*We would also like to mention and honor the memory of dear friend, long-time support and teacher, Odon Medina Calsin, who had planned to accompany Don Mariano on this trip (including 2 other locations, in Pennsylvania and North Carolina) until his untimely death on February 16, 2024. Not surprising our friend with the enormous heart and deep generosity he shared with so many, died shortly after Valentine's Day. Don Mariano has indicated his deep desire to continue with this trip despite this profound loss, and we believe Odon is working behind the scenes to ensure his and Don Mariano's original intentions for this trip are being honored. We are also deeply grateful to Wilbert Salas Atasi for being available and stepping in to assist Don Mariano.

R.I.P Odon Medina Calsin; fly high with the Eagle and Condor, you will be sorely

missed by so many.

We look forward to sharing sacred space with you.


Munay and thanks,

Deana Paqua & Lori Sheffer

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